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Drop down and give us 60…minutes that is! Whatever length you prefer, we applaud you for looking after yourself. Muscle maintenance is important. With Massage Therapy, it’s not one size fits all. Whatever your needs or wants, Dot Calm has a massage for you! From reducing pain and anxiety for those suffering from chronic illness, to helping deal with stress-related tension work posture, accident injuries, injuries from having an active lifestyle, or just general tension, massage therapy can help. Even if you’re just bored and looking for ways to fill your schedule, we encourage you to come on down! Keep in mind…we don’t care if you’ve shaved your legs or not!

*For your convenience, we direct bill to all major insurance companies.

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the body’s muscles and other soft tissue, generally for the purpose of treating body stress or pain, or to enhance overall well-being. It has been practiced in most cultures throughout human history and is one of the earliest tools used to try to relieve pain. There are different techniques used to massage various body parts, usually starting with lighter pressure and increasing it gradually while focusing on problem areas. Soothing and relaxing music is often played in the room throughout the session to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

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What Symptoms Can Massage Therapy Treat?

Massage therapy is the Michael Jordan of wellness treatments…almost everyone knows its name, and it is incredibly valuable (helping with so many issues) in its field. Massage therapy can help treat numerous conditions, including stress-related tension, fatigue, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, low back pain, depression and many other muscle and joint related pain, to name just a few. Massage increases circulation which promotes overall healing. It also alleviates the pain of soft tissue injuries. Our massage therapists are here to help with all your body aches and pains, and help you relax, recharge, and better manage your stress.

Massage Therapy Treatment Options

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage

With the Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage, we work out those muscles using different pressures and techniques; whatever is required to get the job done and get you feeling relaxed. We treat pesky desk necks, stress migraines, aches and pains from living an active lifestyle, sport injuries, or just the person who doesn’t feel too shabby but simply wants monthly upkeep and maintenance. Working deeper into the tissue than a relaxation massage, and using whichever therapeutic massage is most effective for your condition/preference, we will make sure to send you off into the world feeling better than when you walked in! Our ultimate goal is to work away those aches and pains, in ways that a pint of ice cream or a gab session with your friends simply can’t.

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Prenatal Massage

Mama’s…you get to lay on your stomach with our special pregnancy pillow designed specifically for your bump and them milk holders, and RELAX! If that’s not reason enough for a prenatal massage then we don’t know what is! By stimulating the soft tissues of the body to reduce fluids that cause swollen joints, muscle aches and joint pain, Dot Calm is here to provide the attention pregnant mama’s need. Our massage techniques are specifically targeted to the special changes a woman undergoes during pregnancy, and will in no way harm mother or baby. And while we can’t satisfy all your pregnancy cravings, we can at least massage the aches, pains and stress away while you tell us what those cravings are. Pickles and ice cream anyone?

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Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are such a pain in the neck…literally. Dot Calm helps you get back into tip top shape, and we even deal with the annoying insurance companies for you. In addition to decreasing any pain, numbness or swelling you’re experiencing (including whiplash), a good massage can shorten your recovery and help smooth away any mental trauma as well. Massage can be crucial to your healing process if you have developed scar tissue from an auto accident. Your car shouldn’t get repaired before you do! While your car might be a beautiful and important piece of machinery, we consider YOU the most valuable art there is. Let the mechanic work on your car; let Dot Calm work on you!

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Massage Therapy FAQs

For sure we do! We are able to direct bill to all major insurance companies.

There is a fine line between sore and hurt. When working out issues and tension, we manipulate the muscles in a way it isn’t used to. It is common to feel point tender for 1-2 days. Then you should feel the positive results of the massage.

We are experienced in being able to feel out what pressure is appropriate. There is no one pressure fits all here. We customize pressure to what is required for the treatment given. If you are more on the tender side we can accommodate. You will not leave crying. If you are a person that likes as much pressure as possible, we try to accommodate. The muscles have a way of pushing back if they feel they are being picked on too much.

Massage Therapy | Dot Calm Wellness Centre | Massage & Wellness | Calgary

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