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Meet Andrea Conaty

Founder, RMT
Laser & Skin Technician

Andrea Conaty, the founder, proud owner, and mastermind behind Dot Calm, set out to start a business as big as her personality! If you know this girl, you know she has a passion for and a fascination with people. Whether it’s her clients, her team members, or the general public, she strives to make everyone feel at home and completely heard, while educating clients on Wellness & Aesthetics. It was precisely this passion and desire that led Andrea to open Dot Calm in the first place. Seeing an opportunity to open a clinic focusing on a modern approach to stress management that incorporates a unique blend of wellness and aesthetics, Andrea has never looked back.

Andrea’s direct ‘say what you think’ personality can be seen in every aspect of Dot Calm. Whether it’s the “Don’t Let Idiots Ruin Your Day!” door quote, or her bold and real Instagram posts, this entrepreneur is not afraid to be different, go against the norm in the industry, and tell it like it is. #nofilter

​​Andrea began practicing massage therapy in 2010, and her continued fascination with it has driven her expertise in treating a variety of modalities. Andrea graduated from the 2200-hour Massage Program at the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Winnipeg, MB. Though Andrea started her career and training in the massage world, she has branched out and moved into Wellness & Aesthetics, and she loves everything about the experience! Along with being an RMT, Andrea has also become certified in Microneedling, Skin & Laser Aesthetics..

When not working, you can find Andrea stuffing her face with her favorite foods – (Taco’s, ‘Za and poutine), frequenting local restaurants, and trying a few cocktails off the menu. She loves to travel, isn’t afraid to dish out a bad joke, and loves to hear an even worse one.

Andrea looks forward to answering any questions you may have!
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