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Get your friends together and have a fun night…IN! Or unleash confidence at the office by gathering your work squad together for a team building or office event with a little added ‘bonus.’  This is one party where you will wake up looking more refreshed than when you went to sleep. We’re rolling in with Botox, and a very skilled RN. Rest assured; our clinic is fully licensed for Mobile Botox Events & Parties. Get ready for a day or night of laughter, indulgence and a little ‘injectable magic’ as we bring the expertise right to your doorstep.  And oh, did we mention? We also have a variety of prizes for your guests to draw from, and of course, a special gift awaits the gracious host!


Mobile services are now being offered! This is one party everyone will show up for!

What is Included in Mobile Events and Parties?

  • Prizes for your guests to draw from
  • Host receives $100 GC to use at a later time
  • Host receives special pricing for their treatment
Botox® Party | Dot Calm Wellness Centre | Massage & Wellness | Calgary

Events & Parties FAQs

It’s like bringing the clinic to your home! We offer the same professional Botox services but in the comfort of your chosen location. Perfect for a unique get-together with friends and associates.

Absolutely. We ensure that every procedure is handled with the same high standards of care and professionalism as in a clinic setting. Our highly trained RN bring everything necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

Indeed! Besides the convenience and fun of hosting, we have some perks up our sleeve for our hosts. They receive a $100 GC as well as special rates for her treatment.

Absolutely! Your party, your rules. So, rock that onesie, blast your favorite tunes, and let’s get those crow’s feet dancing away!

It’s a modern take on team bonding. Instead of the usual team outings, many companies are choosing Botox parties as a unique perk for their staff, or a great option for their guests at an event.

Each session is relatively quick, ensuring minimal disruption to your workday. You’ll be back at your desk in no time, feeling and looking refreshed.

Absolutely. We’ve streamlined our process to work efficiently in a corporate setting. All we need is a dedicated space, and we’ll handle the rest.

Safety is our top priority. Our team follows stringent hygiene protocols, uses sterilized equipment, and ensures a clean setup in your office space. We maintain the same standards as we do in a clinical environment.

The great thing about Botox is that it involves minimal downtime. Employees can generally return to work right after their session. However, we always provide post-care instructions to ensure the best results.

Botox® Party | Dot Calm Wellness Centre | Massage & Wellness | Calgary

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